D5 – His GLORY Shall APPEAR To Your JOY And To Their SHAME: Heaven Is Coming To Earth: As Heaven Is, Earth Will Become
Army of the Lord
Abomination Of Desolation
Cut Short In Righteousness: How The Sign Of Jesus’ Coming Will Change The World
Prophecy Wars: The War to End All Wars and Stop the Antichrist
The Coming War In Heaven
TABERAH – The Destruction of the Wicked by Fire
The World With God
Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer

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Genre: Prophecy

The topic of "wealth" or "riches" was at the center of most of Jesus' teachings. What we do with our wealth is an expression of who we are. Those who "serve mammon" and not God will be judged very soon. The riches of the wicked have been promised to the righteous; that time has come.

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Millennial Dawn
Jesus is Coming – Presentation Edition

Jesus is Coming – Presentation Edition


This is the 3rd Edition, dated October 1916. Original copyright 1908. William Eugene Blackstone was born October 6, 1841 in Adams, New York,and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of eleven. Though he never attended Seminary, Blackstone committed himself to evangelizing the world with God's ...

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Temple Mount 11:11 Horn of God – The Vision