The Coming War In Heaven

About the Book

This title establishes that our God is a BIG God and that our beginnings may have been more complicated than what we have been told in the Book of Genesis. Likewise, we should not be surprised if the winding-up scene is more complicated than what prophecy writers have portrayed so far.

Prophecy writers have touched upon the different evil End Time characters, but they are mostly oblivious to who the many “good guys” are.

The scenario presented in this title is simple to understand and places God in a more favorable light than traditionally given by prophecy writers.

It accounts for advanced ancient societies and the mysterious craft periodically seen in our skies overhead. Most importantly, it debunks the widely held belief that the prophesied “War in Heaven” has already happened, and Satan has already been cast to earth.

It exposes the inadequacies of those long held beliefs and presents fresh new concepts never before known. It can educate believers and others about just who is in our heavens above so if and when they are cast to earth, believers will not be deceived.

Genres: Prophecy, Spiritual Warfare
Publisher: Alpha & Omega Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 1601352808
List Price: $12.05
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About the Author
Arlin E. Nusbaum

Introducing the writings of Arlin Ewald Nusbaum. Arlin describes his writings as "goal orientated" because they all point to the prophesied Millennium of Peace. While most believe it will come as the result of God doing it, Arlin believes it will largely come by humankind learning to overcome their differences, with some help from God. He recognizes this is a different mindset but believes it is more in line with the scriptures, and more realistic.

Arlin came to have this interest in Millennial Peace after experiencing a divine healing. He says: "If you ever have an encounter with Source, you will always desire more of It, for God IS: Love, Joy, and Peace—Galatians 5:22." From his healing experience, Arlin learned that everyone is connected; this is why he believes we should all be united. He had many other divine encounters and says each one further sensitized him to what is against unity—particularly marauding spirits and pride.

By "marauding spirits" he means the departed dead who refuse to return to God to be judged and are hiding in homes, possessing the bodies of the living, and are the "unclean spirits" Jesus cast out on a regular basis. These dead family members can't help but mess with the living, but they aren't God, and what they think is "best" is interfering with God's will for the living he says.

Arlin believes that pride is actually the "root of all evil" because it divides people ("These things doth the Lord hate: a PROUD LOOK"—Proverbs 6:16), it causes people to desire to rule over others ("Rulers in this world LORD IT OVER others, it shall not be so among you"—Mark 10:42; "He that is greatest among you shall be your servant"—Matthew 23:11), and to desire wealth ("Through covetousness shall they make merchandise of you"—2 Peter 2:3; "The priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money"—Micah 3:11).

To help the world transition smoothly into The Millennium of Peace, Arlin has written extensively (90+ titles) about the following five Areas of Focus (hence the title of his book - D5):