GOD & TEXAS – Handbook of Survival

GOD & TEXAS – Handbook of Survival
About the Book

GOD & TEXAS – Handbook of Survival is part of the EXODUS Series (along with the books TAKEN and EXODUS.) There will come additional exoduses not detailed in either of those books.

It might seem biased to have a book about TEXAS and its connection with God; Arlin was not born in Texas but his ancestors on both sides go back many generations.

As the title suggests, TEXAS would not be TEXAS without God. And without Him it will not fulfill its purpose as a place of refuge for Believers after America falls.

Arlin was shown the past and future of San Antonio specifically, with Our Lord as His guide, the same as when the Lord gave Arlin a tour of Israel (told in the book Last Testament).

Read about the return of the Watchers and Holy Ones and see pictures of the evidence of Extraterrestrial warfare over San Antonio on his behalf. If you want to survive the coming storm get this book, pray on it, and let Our Father guide you.

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